FLM = Flipper - Liga - Manager


The German Flipper-Liga (German Pinball League) is a nationwide league of pinball enthusiasts. The goal of the league is bringing pinball players together to have fun and also to have a competition.

Another aspect is the opportunity to learn how to repair and restore pinball machines, to get spare parts, game tips and much more.

The first Geman League was founded 2003. Since 2005 the German wide league finals are hold every year.

The Flipper-Liga consists of 15 local leagues all over Germany. Every local league can use its own rules, scoring system and and have an individual number of participants (from 3 to 30). Once a year we hold the German League Championship in form of a huge tournament. Every local league is sending their best players to this event. The winner of this tournament receives the title “German National Pinball-League Champion”.

Together with GPA German Championships the German League finale is considered to be the most important sportive pinball event in Germany.


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